A (binary?) ninja broke the flag into many pieces. Can you reassemble them?

$ sha256sum ncuts.7z
21b6b2c72c99bbe7d5343f82fe347ec4b7e312efe14bc71cabcef0feab7020c7  ncuts.7z

Update: The (binary?) ninja made some mistakes and accidentally cut certain flag pieces too hard! They just re-cut some binaries and released a new 7zip file.

If you worked on the original set of binaries (ncuts_cut2hard.7z) and got multiple answers for certain binaries, you may use the corresponding binaries in the new set to verify them.

This is the old download, please re-download if you have a file with this hash:

$ sha256sum ncuts_cut2hard.7z
b56da72e51faacde2aabb7ce6ead575a4ed585a24ef7adfbb5f0d64ab470ed4a ncuts_cut2hard.7z

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